16 May 2024

UP Lok Sabha Election 2024: PM Modi says mountain of lies is being raised in name of CAA; what more he said about Congress-SP's triple-dose of dangerous agendas

UP Lok Sabha Election 2024: PM Narendra Modi has alleged that the opposition has created a rift between Hindus and Muslims for the sake of their vote bank politics.

PM Modi made this claim while addressing a meeting in Lalganj, Uttar Pradesh.

PM Modi said, "A mountain of lies is being raised in the name of CAA. SP and Congress tried their best to throw the entire country into the fire of riots."

He said further, "Indi (India) alliance people say that when Modi goes, CAA will also go. Is there anyone in this country who can end CAA?"

PM Modi said, "Every citizen of the country knows that you (the opposition) had worn the mask of secularism and did the vote bank politics and made Hindus and Muslims fight."

Speaking on Modi’s guarantee, PM Modi said, “CAA is a testimony to Modi's guarantee.” He added that many people have received the certificates under CAA, belonging to the six minorities who faced the harsh consequences of the partition of India. 

He added that the I.N.D.I alliance never cared for these suffering minorities as they weren't a part of their vote bank and created a web of lies against CAA. CAA will remain and will provide citizenship to all affiliated to India, he said.

‘Abrogation of Article 370 is Modi's guarantee for peace in Kashmir’

Emphasizing the glimpse of Modi’s guarantee in the Kashmir valley, PM Modi said, “Abrogation of Article 370 is Modi's guarantee for peace in Kashmir.” He said the polling in Srinagar has enabled a record voting reassuring all about peace in the valley.

Reminding people of the Congress-SP-led ‘misgovernance’, PM Modi said “During the SP-Congress regime common people’s security was left to the mercy of God.” 

PM Modi said, “SP-Congress is a shop selling goods of appeasement, corruption & nepotism.” 

Opposition represents a triple-dose

PM Modi added that the opposition represents a triple-dose, where first, they want to give religion-based reservations to minorities at the cost of SC-ST-OBCs. Second, they aim to snatch away the country’s resources and distribute them among minorities and thirdly, they aim to earmark 15% of the budget exclusively for the minorities. 

“We all must be extremely vigilant against the Congress-SP's triple-dose of dangerous agendas,” said PM Modi. He said that Congress-SP boycotted the Pran-Pratishtha of Ram Mandir and is making obnoxious statements about Shri Ram.

Highlighting the development of UP in recent years, PM Modi said, “BJP government is propelling the rapid development of UP.” He added that Manduri Airport, Maharaja Suheldev University, and farmers' welfare are among the various projects that have received the development impetus in UP. 

Modi added, “Mubarakpur's famous Saris and Nizamabad's pots are reaching world markets owing to our model of governance and showcase our mantra of 'Vocal for Local'.” He added that our mission is to enable the last-mile reach of all developmental benefits to all and the PM Surya Ghar Bijli Yojana is another step towards that endeavor.

Increased transparency in national-level exams

Addressing a rally in Jaunpur, PM Modi said that our government has introduced increased transparency in national-level exams. He said “Jaunpur as a region for giving India a record number of IAS-IPS.” He added that through NEP 2020 the government has greatly emphasized on India's engineering and medical education brightening the prospects of Indian youth. 

'Santushtikaran' Model Vs 'Tushtikaran’ Model

Comparing the two models of governance between NDA and Congress-SP, PM Modi said, “This election is a contest between NDA-led 'Santushtikaran' Model & Congress-SP-led 'Tushtikaran Model'.” He added that under the Congress-SP there was always a scarcity of resources and the reach of developmental benefits. However, our model of governance has focused on the last-mile reach of developmental benefits to all.

In conclusion, PM Modi said that this election is about enabling stable and good governance to both UP and India and expressed confidence that the people will vote for the BJP-NDA enabling, ‘Fir ek Baar Modi Sarkar.’

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