1 Jun 2024

Lok Sabha Election 2024 Exit Poll Results: Comfortable majority for NDA, check details here


The exit poll results for Lok Sabha Elections-2024 have been announced. Voting for all seven phases of Lok Sabha elections is over, now the results will be declared on 4th June. But before that exit polls of all news channels and agencies will be announced. Poll of polls of all estimates will also be declared.

All exit polls have predicted comfortable majority for ruling NDA alliance. NDA is set to bag well over 350 seats in the polls. 

Poll of polls predicts 367 seats for BJP, 140 for Congress and 36 for others.

In 5 exit polls, NDA is expected to get more than 350 seats while I.N.D.I.A. is expected to get 125 to 150 seats.

India News D Dynamics predicts 371 seats for NDA, 125 for INDIA and 47 for others.

Jann ki Baat  predicts 362-392 seats for NDA, 141-161 for INDIA and 10-20 for others.

News Nation predicts 342-378 seats for NDA, 153-169 for INDIA and 21-13 for others.

Republic Double Exit Poll National Projection MATRIZE Exit Poll National Projection Predicts:

NDA: 353-368,

INDI Alliance: 118-133

Others: 43-48

P-MARQ Exit Poll National Projection:

NDA: 359, INDI Alliance: 154, Others: 30

For Tamil Nadu, the India Today-Axis My India Exit Polls have predicted INDIA to in 33-37 Seats, while NDA to get 2-4 seats in the state.

The news is being updated as more results become available.

Jann ki Baat predicts almost clean sweep for NDA in Central India

Jann ki Baat predicted almost clean sweep for NDA in Central India (MP and Chhattisgarh). Out of 40 seats in Central India, BJP is set to win 39.

BJP attacks Cong for its U-turn on exit poll debate

Exit Poll 2024 results LIVE: BJP IT cell Amit Malviya attacked the Congress party for withdrawing its decision to skip the debate on exit poll results within 24 hours.

“24 hours after making a complete fool of themselves, Congress withdraws its decision to boycott Exit Polls. A party that can’t take such a simple decision wants to govern India?” Malviya posted on X.

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