17 Jun 2024

Madhya Pradesh: Will ex-Deputy Collector Nisha Bangre get her job back? What decision will Mohan Yadav govt take?

During the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections in 2023, former Deputy Collector Nisha Bangre was prominently featured in the news due to her aspiration to enter politics and the protracted battle over her resignation. Bangre accused then Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and his government of various issues. 

After a lengthy struggle, her resignation was finally accepted by the administration. She subsequently joined the Congress party in the presence of Kamal Nath in Chhindwara. However, Kamal Nath declared from the same stage that Bangre would not contest the elections.

Nisha wanted to contest from Amla. The government accepted her resignation only after Congress declared candidate from Amla. Nisha lost her job and also could not contest election.

Bangre's Allegations Against Cong and Kamal Nath

Nisha Bangre was disappointed after being denied an assembly ticket, though she still campaigned for Congress. She then hoped for a Lok Sabha ticket, but when this did not materialize, she resigned from Congress before the first phase of Lok Sabha voting. During her resignation, she leveled serious accusations against Kamal Nath and the Congress party.

Letter to CM Mohan Yadav

Nisha Bangre wrote to Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav requesting reinstatement of her job. The government is currently deliberating on the matter. It is anticipated that the Mohan Yadav administration will make a decision soon. Meanwhile, Bangre is waiting for the administration's response or action regarding her request to be re-appointed. The state government is expected to make a decision after consulting with administrative officials.

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