26 Jun 2024

Sam Pitroda Reappointed as Chairman of Indian Overseas Congress, See Details

The Congress party announced on Wednesday that Sam Pitroda has been reappointed as chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress, effective immediately. This decision follows his resignation a few weeks ago due to a controversy surrounding his remarks on the skin color of Indians. Senior leader KC Venugopal officially stated, "The Hon'ble Congress President has reappointed Sam Pitroda as the Chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress with immediate effect."

Resigned on May 8

Sam Pitroda stepped down from his position as President of the Indian Overseas Congress on May 8 after facing backlash for his statement that Indians in the east resemble Chinese, while those in the south resemble Africans.

Pitroda's Controversial Remarks

Pitroda had commented, "We can hold together a diverse country like India, where people in the east look like Chinese, people in the west look like Arabs, people in the north probably look like whites, and people in the south look like Africans. It doesn't matter. We are all brothers and sisters." The remarks caused significant uproar, prompting the Congress to distance itself from his statements and label them as 'unacceptable'.

BJP Had Criticized Congress

Jairam Ramesh had expressed on X, "The examples given by Shri Sam Pitroda in the podcast to show the diversity of India are extremely unfortunate and unacceptable. The Indian National Congress completely dissociates itself from these examples." The BJP also attacked the Congress, calling Pitroda's comments "racist and divisive." Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticized Rahul Gandhi for Pitroda's remarks, further fueling the controversy.

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