3 May 2023

Maharashtra: Why Sharad Pawar Announced To Resign And Why There Is Turmoil In Maharashtra's Politics After His Announcement?

Mumbai: Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leaders and workers are taken aback by Sharad Pawar's announcement to resign from party president's post and they are pressurizing their leader to change his decision. His nephew Ajit Pawar also, at least outwardly, exerted pressure on Sharad Pawar to reconsider his decision. Ajit told the workers, "Have patience, Pawar Saheb will take back his decision."

The sudden move took many aback as Sharad Pawar is the sole unifying force for the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA). Furthermore, many continue to see Pawar also as the unifying force for a national Opposition against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), just a year ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.

Shocked party cadre rebelled

After his announcement, a shocked party cadre rebelled. Many leaders and supporters wept, and the cadre protested publicly in the presence of national media, leading not only to Sharad Pawar's loyalists but also possible dissenters on stage, taking turns to publicly urge him to withdraw his resignation.

Whether Pawar will change his decision or not and who will be his political successor in the event of his not changing his decision, all this will be clear in the coming days. However, there has really been an earthquake in the politics of Maharashtra after Pawar's announcement.

Many people are saying that Pawar has taken this decision in view of his increasing age and deteriorating health, but this does not appear to be a credible reason, because seven months ago, in September 2022, he was elected president of the party for a fresh four year term.

Pawar was working actively for opposition unity

Not only this, till a few days ago, he was working very actively in connection with opposition unity and had met leaders of various opposition parties.

By the way, Sharad Pawar has been famous for taking shocking decisions in his long political life and reversing those decisions after some time. Even his trusted political allies do not know when and what decision he will take.

Announced resignation to put pressure on Ajit Pawar and other MLAs?

Some experts feel that he has also announced his resignation in order to put pressure on Ajit Pawar and other MLAs who may leave the NCP and join the BJP.

It was being speculated that Ajit Pawar was once again working on the possibilities of becoming the Chief Minister. Sharad Pawar and his MP daughter Supriya Sule had become aware of this and Sharad Pawar had explained to the MLAs of his party that the Maha Vikas Aghadi has a bright future in Maharashtra. Pawar is understood to have told party workers that the next election is not far away and if all the three constituents of Aghadi fight together then BJP and Shinde can be defeated.

Significantly, NCP is the main opposition party in the state and Ajit Pawar is the leader of the opposition, the party has 53 MLAs, Ajit Pawar will need at least 36 MLAs to break the party.

Immediate impact of Pawar's announcement is visible

The immediate impact of Pawar's announcement is also visible, the whole party including Ajit Pawar is requesting him to take back his decision, because everyone in his party knows that the base of NCP is built on Sharad Pawar. Ajit Pawar or any other leader does not have the capacity to make even an iota of dent.

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